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I come here with my boyfriend all the time. We love the wasabi shumai! The restaurant is clean with a nice, relaxing atmosphere. Service is quick and friendly.
Posted By: Michelle D.
Astoria has become my second home over the past few months. The food options are endless and most of my favorite restaurants all happen to be in Astoria as of late.

Watawa happens to be one of them. I always try to make it for their lunch because the specials are so inexpensive and delicious to say the least! I always get the three rolls ($14) which is served with soup & salad. My go to rolls are the tuna, New York, spicy crabmeat, and Boston! This is the only place that doesn't charge me for spicy mayo and honestly that's a huge plus for me. The rolls are so dang fresh and tasty. I have no complaints whatsoever.

The service is fantastic! Everyone is very friendly and there to check up on you as you are eating. Water is also refilled often. The restaurant is clean, very well kept. The bathrooms are pleasantly nice and clean too. Overall Watawa is very welcoming and one of the best sushi spots I've been to.

Highly recommend! I haven't been here for dinner but lunch is always a good option here!
Posted By: Carrie C.
One of the my favorite spots in Astoria, Queens. Spicy crab meat rolls, beef negamaki, steamed shrimp dumpling and especially the salad with ginger sauce can't go wrong
Posted By: Pepper T.
Huge fan of Watawa Sushi!

I came in on Sunday afternoon & I fell in love with the atmosphere. In the back they have a little wishing well/fountain which is beautiful.

The staff is so accommodating & everything tastes amazing & fresh! Will def be returning soon!
Posted By: Monica K.
I love this place. The sushi is delicious and the prices are affordable. I like to get the sweet potato roll, it's delicious. There is also one with mango which I love as well (don't recall the name at the moment). The downside is parking sometimes is tough to find on the weekend.
Posted By: Dylan M.
BEST sushi in Astoria! This restaurant is consistently the best spot if you are craving sushi. It's always fresh! The service is on point and the decor is nice! I've been here a ton of times and never disappointed!
Posted By: Christina F.
It's hard to find a good sushi spot locally. However, this restaurant really surprised me. It was recommended by a friend who said they weren't a fan of raw fish but actually liked it here. (I had to trust her, especially with that response) My boyfriend and I ordered the sushi and sashimi two roll combo for 2. It comes with 10 sushi, 18 sashimi and 2 rolls and two soups OR salad. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. The fish that was offered was quite fresh to me. It may not be Sushi Nakazawa, but this restaurant definitely has my vote!

Servers were nice and I liked the decor. They had dim lights with these modern lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Great for a date night with the intimate setting. I highly recommend this place!
Posted By: Donna L.
Very good. I had not been here in like 9 years. Came with my husband and mother in law. We always go for the "maki combo" and did the same here. What we didn't realize was that the sushi rolls were not maki, but instead they were HUGE. I couldn't finish my rolls.

The sushi I got here was by far the freshest I've had in a very long time. Service, hot tea, and miso were all great also. I will certainly be back!
Posted By: Sabrina F.
For years I've heard that Watawa is the best local sushi in the Ditmars area. I hesitated to try it because the other places (e.g. my longtime go-to, Sakura) have been fine options, but I'm glad to have given it a shot! Watawa is certainly more expensive but it's definitely good sushi.

I ordered takeout with my girlfriend on Thursday evening. We got an eel avocado roll ($6), a spicy tuna roll ($6), a spider roll ($9.50), and a spicy roll combo ($18). Anyone who knows the local sushi landscape knows that these prices are the most expensive for the area (hence why I haven't had it earlier).

I only have a photo of the spicy roll combo and the spicy tuna roll, but the other rolls are similarly large. There's a good amount of fish in each roll and we were both surprised at how large the rolls were. The spicy roll combo came with a spicy tuna roll included (as one of the three rolls, and a soup and salad), but we ordered a second one because they're delicious. Everything was yummy.

Still, despite the rolls' deliciousness and quality, I will not be getting Watawa regularly; the prices are just too high. A standard roll at Sakura is $4.50; the same roll at Watawa costs $6. If you're ordering four rolls for a meal, that's an additional $6 you're paying for the same amount of food.
Posted By: Derek Y.
This place has a great ambiance and the food is delicious. I had the jalapeƱo and yellowtail sushi & the New York sushi roll. The rolls were pretty big and filling. The only thing I didn't like is how they don't have brown rice as an option for the sushi. The seaweed salad was fresh and they gave a huge portion. I had the lychee martini tonight and it came with three fresh & juicy lychee fruits on a stick. A few months ago I came here with my friend and we got the rose pedal mojitos with double shots inside and they were so strong and good !!!! I love the shumai here too !!! Mmmmm I will definitely be back !
Posted By: Jessica P.

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